Fur Squadron

An action and narrative-driven on-rails adventure with a classic 90’s shooter flair.
Smooth and quick gameplay through levels full of enemies and massive bosses. Unlock their secrets and power-up your star ship for maximum performance.
Six Levels. Three levels of difficulty piloting a variety of ships.
Original synthesizer soundtrack to match the retrowave aesthetics.
A lovely axolotl!
Fur Squadron

FUR Squadron is an arcade space shooter on rails, which follows the adventure of a team of elite pilots during what seems at first a routine training in virtual reality.

In this mind-blowing journey through retrowave aesthetic environments and synthesizer music you will face the simulations (or not) of the units and minions of the evil Skal Empire.

Meet your team. The brave leader of the FUR Squadron, the ferret Blaze Mustela. The sarcastic ace pilot Kiro Nax. And the brilliant and cheerful engineer Axel Mex.