Time Rift

Unique, fast-paced action-puzzle gameplay that’s a pleasure to master
Beat the roving firewall system: a deadly, auto-scrolling bar which can chase you from any direction
Master bombs, gates and nodes to execute perfect run
Rewind time to avoid traps and grab that last collectible
Flexible difficulty: use slow down mode to assist with difficult tricks, or stop everything
Uncover the secrets of VaultCo in an engaging story of corporate sabotage!
Time Rift

Thank you for entering the VaultCo Asset Storage Solutions testing portal.

At VaultCo, we believe the best security testing is done by the world’s best hackers - like you! We pride ourselves on having the fastest, most efficient crypto storage technology in the world.

We take intrusion prevention very seriously. That’s why we offer our security testing contractors crypto units in payment, on top of your fee.

You will be assessing the vulnerabilities of our system through a series of tests. Please proceed to the next server access point.

Are you there? Hello?

Look: you’re an elite hacker, right? We’re worried about our team. People haven’t been getting paid, and more importantly they’re acting really weirdly. It’s almost certainly down to VaultCo, and we know there are encrypted files that can prove it.

If anyone can help us reach them, it’s you.